To make sure your commercial contracts are worth the paper they are written on, come and talk to VIHS

Any significant business transaction, appointment or agreement requires a contract to set out the terms of the deal, and protect all parties from any behaviour that might conflict with their intentions.

But as many people who have downloaded ‘standard’ or templated contracts from the internet, contracts that are ambiguous, incomplete or unclear can end up being expensive mistakes, so it’s essential to have them drawn up professionally in the first place.

Here at Virtual In-House Solicitor (VIHS) we have a team that can help you to understand the best way to proceed, and assist you with any necessary legal documentation.

Our carefully planned approach will help you to ensure that your project gets off to the best possible start, and has the greatest possible chance of long-term success. But you also need an awareness of the implications, so that the decisions you take will be in the best interests of all concerned. Above all, we will help you to make sure that any actions are legally-compliant and binding.

Hi Erika. Thanks for all your help with our supplier contracts. They are now so clear, even I can understand them! As always, you made what could have been a complicated process seem straightforward. So it is, as always, much appreciated.


CFO, distribution company

So if you need assistance with any aspect of commercial contracts, we’re here to help

At VIHS, we’ll help you to understand the regulations and any legal implications around your commercial contracts, including:

  • Conveying exactly what the intentions are
  • Eradicating (or at least minimising) any risks
  • Ensuring that all parties are clear about their commitments and obligations
  • Processing all necessary legal documentation and other paperwork
  • Ensuring that the contract will work in the best interests of all concerned

As an owner, partner or director in a company, you may have various statutory duties; you are legally bound to run your organisation in accordance with current legislation, and avoidance or ignorance of these regulations could result in serious fines and other sanctions.

We’re here to provide that necessary legal insight, as and when you need it. Ours is a flexible law advisory service that has been designed to meet your needs and obligations, at costs that you might find more affordable.

Help with your commercial contract is just a click or a call away

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