If you outsource any services, consider outsourcing your legal advice to Virtual In-House Solicitor (VIHS)

Outsourcing services to an external supplier can be a very effective way to control costs and can enable you to avoid redundant resources and therefore improve the efficiency with which you operate.

However, there are laws and regulations that cover the use of outsourced facilities, and the tax implications – including IR35 and national insurance contributions – need to be clearly understood if you are to avoid unnecessary liabilities.

The process of outsourcing also presents inherent risks that work will not be carried out to the same standards that apply to internal resources, so it is vital that appropriate framework agreements, quality standards, service level agreements and T&Cs are put in place to avoid any recourse.

Here at Virtual In-House Solicitor (VIHS) we have a team of outsourcing law experts who can help you to navigate the complexities, and assist you with any necessary legal documentation, policies and procedures.

We’ve been outsourcing much of our finishing work to another company for years, without any problems. On reflection, we have probably just been lucky. However, a few months ago, they had a change of ownership, and the quality of their work dropped dramatically. That’s why we came to VIHS, and the help you gave us has ensured that we can continue to give our customers the quality products they expect. We really appreciate your expert help.


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For legal guidance on outsourcing matters, we’re here to help

At VIHS, we’ll help you to understand the regulations and any legal implications around outsourcing, including:

  • Setting up quality and service standards
  • Legal documentation including SLAs, Terms & Conditions and framework agreements
  • Ongoing monitoring to ensure that outsourced suppliers maintain expected standards

We’re here to provide legal insights, as and when you need them. Ours is a flexible legal advice service that has been designed to meet your needs and challenges, at a cost that you might find more manageable.

Help with any outsourcing law is just a click or a call away

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