For effective and compliant privacy policies, Virtual In-House Solicitor (VIHS) is here to help

Whilst a robust privacy policy is essential for compliance with GDPR, it exist primarily to protect your organisation, its employees, shareholders, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.

Here at Virtual In-House Solicitor (VIHS) we can help you to formulate a watertight privacy policy that will be specific to your circumstances, and take into account the nature of data you hold and how you want to use it.

And whilst every policy is customised to your needs it will typically specify:

  • The type of information you collect
  • Why you collect it
  • How you intend to use it
  • How you store it
  • Who has access to it
  • The rights of the data subjects to know what data you hold and what they need to do to have their data amended or deleted

At VIHS, we’re here to provide that necessary legal insight, as and when you need it, and it’s a totally flexible service that has been designed to meet your needs and obligations.

Just a quick note to thank you for the policy documents you drafted for us. Aside from one or two minor amendments, they were spot-on. Thank you for making the process so easy for us. We’ll be in touch shortly to discuss updating all our other policy documents.


Director, air-conditioning company

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